Charlene Matthews Bindery
Four Foot Spring Book

Re-Bind job for Russell Crotty This photo shows the text block (approx. 1 1/2") sewn onto new linen tapes, prior to rounding the backing. The signatures have been all re-enforced with japanese tissue.

Click on the picture for a closer look.

Detail of sewn spine on tapes with front page.

The made spine tube is sitting on top of the text block, which has been rounded, and covered with two layers of linen. The made endpapers have been sewn and adhered to the front and back, and the inner flaps have been made to insert into split boards. The headbanding is a leather core, sewn into the linen spine covering material.

Stiff core with linen is attached to the spine. Split wooden boards covered in paper sitting on top, prior to attaching.

Previous step in detail. Note the text block spine is not really rounded enough. It was the best I could do after a few hours of strong woman antics. I think it will work tho.

Inserting the made endpaper flaps into the split board. The adhesive is a 50/50 mixture of archival PVA and wheat paste.

Pressing the flaps securely into the split. A piece of board was inserted under the bottom board, a 3' x 4' press board laid on top and the ends clamped.

It sat like this for two days, when it came out of the press, everything was tight and in place. Mylar was put between the inner blotters and board to protect the text block from moisture. Front cover was done the same way, after the back cover was finished drying.

STOP PRESS! Major mistake. I glued the outer made flange on the endpapers into the split board. DO NOT DO that. I have taken them out, assisted by a few tools, and they belong below the boards, between the paste-down and the board. Why, will be seen later.